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“Rajendra has a great passion for nature.  His sky, trees, hills, terrace, brooks are always treated diligently and delicately.   His transparent but solid hues and tones are mind blowing.  His colors are quite charming.  A viewer not only enjoys Rajendra’s works with eyes but one can also smell the air in his paintings.”
-Shashi Bikram Shah, Sirjana College of Fine Arts

“Nature is vividly portrayed in Rajendra KC’s paintings.  He is an ardent lover of nature.  In his works the mountains, terrains, rivers, fields are always beautifully executed.   The transparency of colors in his landscapes give soothing effect to eyes.  His works successfully maintain the standard of water colour paintings through his different experimental techniques.
-Kiran Manandhar, Artist/Painter

“Rajendra is primarily known for his water color landscapes – mostly depictive the pristine countryside of Nepal.  Rajendra’s ability to capture the mood and environment of the given spot has remained his main forte.  He is so adept in its treatment and fully aware of the transparent quality of the medium.  Rajendra KC is an outstanding example of this genre.”
-Manan Chitrakar, Artist/Arts Writer

Rajendra KC

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